Welcome to Mazumizu Autumn Soba Workshop

Akila Inouye of Tsukiji Soba Academy and Sonoko Sakai will be offering Soba Cooking Seminar on March 15th in Los Angeles. We are going to make some presentations with Jonathan Johnathan Sundstrom, who is the owner/chef of Lark & Licorous in Seattle..

Of course will continue to offer cooking exciting soba, udon and Japanese cooking classes in US in 2011. We look forward to seeing you at upcoming classes or sessions.

Thank you for all your support.

Akila and Sonoko


Here are some reports about us

Tasting Table says:
Making Traditional Buckwheat Noodles is easier than you think! [Read more...]

Los Angeles Times says:
Anyone who wants to try making soba by hand -- might seek the guidance of Akila Inouye of Tsukiji Soba Academy in Tokyo and writer Sonoko Sakai. [Read more...]

Daily Candy says:
See your frenemy’s overcooked beef patty and raise her stuffed and pickled plum rice balls, c/o the summer entertaining class. [Read more...]

Sonoko Sakai wrote in Zester Daily:
A lifetime of slurping noodles leads an enthusiast to delve into the art of making her own. [Read more...]

MazuMizu Chefs:
Sonoko Sakai and Akila Inouye

Why are we offering these workshops?
Akila Inouye, Master Chef and Founder of the Tsukiji Soba Academy and Sonoko Sakai, Japanese cookbook author and food writer, are united in vision to promote soba and Japanese home cooking, and share their passionate ideas and culinary experiences with the homecooks and professionals worldwide. They want to integrate Japanese ingredients and dishes into your daily cooking and eating.